3 Big reasons to learn web services


lot of press surrounds the Web services market today. But still most of us are not aware about its importance and power. In this post, I will teach you about why you should learn web services.

What are web servicesJAVA WebServices

Web Services is a way to establish communication between softwares which could be running on differnt machines (different platforms or operating systems), having been developed using differnt languages e.g java, .net, c++ etc.

e.g let’s say you are a java developer. then using java web services you can publish your application’s functions to other softwares on Internet or LAN or WAN. So any other software written in any language e.g .net, c++ etc on network can access functions of your java application.

But, why you should learn such a technology ??

Here is the list of some strong reasons to support web services:

Reason 1: Reusing functionality of already developed (old) systems in new softwares.

Let’s say you are developing a Software – “weather forecasting analyzer” using java and in this software you would need to get weather report of a particular date apart from other complex calculations.

You have got one old softwrae written using .net technologies which performs the above task i.e if you pass date to one of its functions, it will return the weather report of that day.

Now, my question to you is: would you really like to write the same code again in the new software or you would like to learn a technology which will allow your new software to call a function written in old .net software ?

I belive you would definately support the idea of resuability.

Reason 2: Web Services – A cross-platform, cross-language data model, facilitates the development of heterogeneous distributed applications.

Heterogenous distributed application means – different softwares develped using different languages, platforms, operating sytems and running on different machines with varied geographic locations but can communicate through a compter network developed for a common goal.

Reason 3: Accessibility of applications through firewalls using Web protocols again sounds a very good reason as in the earlier technologies for interoperability like DCOM, CORBA etc, firewalls posed a serious blocker.

Application’s interoperability is the goal of web services and Because you access and develop Web services using standard Web protocols such as XML and HTTP, the diverse and heterogeneous applications on the Web (which typically already understand XML and HTTP) can automatically access Web services and communicate with each other.