Core Java Tutorial 01 – Introduction to Java Programming Language ( A complete overview )


In this video tutorial, we will learn about the Basics of Java programming language. We will see the complete overview for the Java programming language.

For our readers who are unable to access the Video Tutorial!!!

Java is a programming language based on OBJECT ORIENTED CONCEPTS and is used to build web applications,desktop applications, mobile applications and also game development.Practically it can be used to program any electronic device such as washing machine, television etc., hence if you know how to write programs using JAVA Language you possess great expertise in IT Industry.

In this tutorial we will cover everything in Java with concepts and hands on sessions with real life analogies. This course is especially designed for students having no or little experience of Java. Also useful for professionals who are looking for certification in Java.
This tutorial is divided into seven different levels and every level will have eight to ten tutorials in it.This being the Introductory Tutorial gives you the brief idea of all the levels:
Level 1 – Java Pre- requisite

This portion will cover what is all needed to start-up with Java- the most important part being  HOW TO INSTALL JAVA??? , setting up its Development Environment , understanding Java’ s architecture , writing our First Java Program, Why Java is so popular???
In Java whatever we write is in terms of CLASSES and OBJECTS  ie the language is completely based on OBJECT ORIENTED FUNDAMENTALS

Object Oriented Principles are derived from nature so whatever program we write in Java we can correlate it with the real world.
This session will form a strong foundation for you to understand OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING SKILLS and therefore the Java Language.

Level 2 – Java Programming Fundamentals

In this series we will learn the Java basic elements like Data Types , Access Modifiers, Access Specifiers, Arrays -for loops, while loops etc.
Also we will go through Java Language’s basic elements related to Syntax hence by the end of this series you will be able to write the Java Programs in the most effective manner.

Level 3 – Object Oriented Programming and Java

As Java is based on Object Oriented Fundamentals this level will deal with every Object Oriented Concept like Inheritance, Polymorphism etc and their utilization using Java.

Level 4 – Java Exception Handling Mechanism

Here we will deal with the Exception Handling Mechanism in Java . What happens when some errors occurs in it???

Level 5 – Java Collections and Maps

The Favorite topic for the Interviewers !!! here we will learn How to Store and Process the data effectively in Java Programs by using Collections and Maps.

Level 6 – Java Threads

In this portion we will understand What is Threading Environment, How Java supports threads and How it is used to Improve the Performance.

When we run a Java Program say adding two numbers- it is performing one task at one time; now using the Threading Concept we can instruct the Java Program to do more than one task at the same time -Parallel Execution of Tasks.

Level 7 – Miscellaneous Core Java Topics

Here we will learn JDBC, Java Generics, Garbage Collection, Memory Management in Java etc.

We will also build a Sample Project covering all Java topics .

Happy Learning!!!