Core Java Tutorial 02 – Installing Java Development Kit ( setting up development environment )


In this video  tutorial, we will learn how to setup development environment for writing programs using Java programming language i.e installing JDK ( java development kit ) on our computer.

For our readers who are unable to access the Video Tutorial!!!

For setting up development environment for writing programs in Java following steps need to be followed:

1) Go to the oracle website

and, download Java Platform (JDK) 7u51. i.e JDK… JDK means Java Development Kit.

( Hint : depending on the operating system – choose the Java installer type.For Linux Users download JDK for Linux,For Mac download JDK for Mac and For Windows Operating System JDK for Windows.)

[ Hint for  Windows Operating Sytsem : How to choose between Windows x86 and Windows x64—- a) Click on Start Button

b) Right click on My Computer and choose Properties.

c) Depending upon 64 bit or 32 bit-make your choice.]

Follow the instructions as per directions and you are done.

Happy Learning!!!