Learn how to share files or folders of any size with anyone on internet without uploading to any website


ou hava got music files, movies, photographs, important documents all at your home computer and the problem is you can not carry everything with you all the time.

But, often you miss the stuff lying in your home computer when you are at office, when you are at a tour or its difficult to share the stuff with people around because file size is too big to send or uploading files to any website sucks!.

In this post, I will teach you about how you can access (or share data without worrying about its size) lying in your home computer from virtually anywhere in the world on internet in just 5 minutes.

What you will achieve:

1. You can share a folder or a file lying in your computer with anyone in the world (publically or password protected way)

2. Just moving the content to the shared folder in your home computer will make it available to all those with whom you want to share. (no hi fy process, no uploading to any website involved)

Follow the simple steps to do it

STEP 1: Go to –

opera website or opera downloads

Download the latest opera browser, install it and start the browser.

STEP 2: Click on the Opera Unite icon, located on the bottom left of the browser on the status bar, and select “Enable Opera Unite”.


STEP 3:A wizard helps you to sign up for an Opera account. If you already have an Opera account, click on the button marked “I already have an account”. Wizard will ask you for a computer name too – give any name to your computer you like.

STEP 4: Now double click the File Sharing link and Select the folder whose content you want to share on the web.

You are done. Happy sharing of your valuable content on web 🙂

Any file or folder inside this folder can now be accessed over the internet – you can either use a public URL or specify a password for private sharing on the right hand side of the ‘File Sharing page’ easily.

This video will demonstrate all the above steps in detail:

It is the most convenient way I found to share data without worrying for the type and size. Try it, you will like it.